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The Cornelius Project is an outreach to law enforcement officers.


The Cornelius Project is an outreach to law enforcement officers. We are very much aware of the present tension that exist in the lives of police officers. 

Our objective is to provide resources that can equip officers with the tools that make them better at their job, as well as helping them in responding to the challenges that comes from their profession.


Cornelius was a 1st century Roman Centurion: a soldier and a law enforcement officer. He was stationed in Caesarea.

He was over an Italian Regiment, with about 100 men under his command.

Cornelius was known for his sense of duty, his commitment to his family, and more (read more about Cornelius)                 


In the last few years, we have conducted hundreds of seminars across the country (about 40 states). COVID had an effect on our seminars, however, beginning in 2021, we will resume live events around the country (online and  in person). 

Our speakers will be exceptional individuals who have “been through the fire.” Some of them you know very well. The topics covered will be relevant to today’s police. 

Would you like to host one of our "On Spiritual Combat" seminars? Click here for info

WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN HOSTING OUR "ON SPIRITUAL COMBAT" SEMINAR? The seminar is not only for police officers, but everyone in your church.

Fellow officer: if you get into a situation where you have to use deadly force, do you have access to an attorney?

US LAW SHIELD offers such coverage to police for only $10.95 a month. Not all cities have such coverage for their officers. We can help. Text "help" to 817.437.9693 and we will send you the info.


VIDEO: In July of 2016, FIVE police officers were shot to death in downtown Dallas. I (Jimmy Meeks) was in Dallas the night this took place. Some of the Cowboy players wanted to honor the officers, but were denied (a decal on the helmet, or something similar. The NFL, not the Cowboys admin, denied the request). I happen to be in Seattle when the Cowboys came to town. I went to the game (thanks to a Seattle cop friend) and proudly displayed my sign.


Fellow Officers – I am asking you to listen to this message in the video above. I have shared it with hundreds of police officers through the years.

I know you probably have a lot on your plate. But I am begging you to listen to this message. You will have questions afterwards. We can be reached at 817.437.9693.


You tax-deductible gift to our outreach helps us reach police officers – and bring them encouragement and hope! Click here to donate. Thank you! Thanks to recent donations, we were just able to conduct a 6500 mile “mission trip” to police departments around the United States. 


The first known ISIS attack on American soil was stopped by a 59-year old Texas traffic cop. For his heroics, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Valor.

Officer Matt Pearce pursued two felons, who soon bailed from their car and ran. Officer Pearce gave chase. He was shot multiple times – once at close range.

St. Louis Sgt. Charles Lowe had just removed his vest to cool off for a few moments. A “voice” told him to put it back on. Minutes later he was shot. Listening to the voice saved his life.

PORTLAND, OREGON Officer Erin Anderson has been an officer over 30 years. He presently works the streets of Portland. Portland had over 100 straight nights of protests and riots.

Denver, CO Police Officer Antonio Milow went to church – fortunately, he had his gun with him. And because he did, he was able to save lives.

Tyrone Dennis is a retired Atlanta, GA Police Officer. He began a program called Clippers and Cops. He is an excellent example of what it means to be involved in the community.

Paul Harvey was a famous radio commentator whose show appeared daily across America. Mr. Harvey appreciated the police.

Texas Police Officer Houston Gass was shot in the face with a 12 guage shotgun in January of 2015. He had responded to a domestic disturbance. Houston’s story is awesome.

Veteran Tennessee Police Officer Jonathan Parker offers excellent advice: We should not buy into the rhetoric.

FELLOW OFFICERS: We would like to send you a weekly text message with an encouraging word, or some other topic related to law enforcement. Fill out the form to the right.


Welcome to The Cornelius Project. We are a place of encouragement for law enforcement.

There is a shortcut to this site that is much easier to remember: www.bluelife.support.

We are constantly adding to this site – check back often.

We will soon have an App by the same name.

At the bottom of the page you may enter your info and we will send you a weekly text of encouragement.


In addition to our outreach to police officers, we also assist churches and faith-based properties in creating safe atmospheres. We have conducted about 400 such seminars.

We also have a program where we help churches be prepared for violent crimes on their property (active shooter training, training for your safety team, and  prevention of sex crimes) These are called Sheepdog Seminars for Churches. To learn more, go to our Sheepdog Seminar website.

In 2017, a “new record” was set for violent deaths on church and faith-based property – 114. That includes the tragedy in Sutherland Springs (1st Baptist) where 46 worshipers were shot – 26 died. 

Our seminar also address the issue of sex crimes on church and faith-based property, and what we must do to stop them.

The photo to the right is First Baptist Church in Daingerfield, Texas – the site of a massacre in June of 1980. An angry gunman entered during the morning worship service, shouted, “This is War,” and then shot 15 worshipers – killing five. A movie was made about this tragedy (all info on the website). The movie is called Faith Under Fire (click on button below photo to watch trailer).

The video to the right is Jimmy Meeks talking about church-related violence on the CBN (700 Club) news.

Jimmy and his wife, Julie, were married at First Baptist in Daingerfield in August of 1977.

Click Here to watch the trailer of the movie: FAITH UNDER FIRE

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